January 23, 2006

Ben Affleck Drives A Buga- Oh, You Know The Rest


People Magazine via CBB

Be like me and get a dark grey Bugaboo Cameleon with a red canopy. Ben Affleck did. [babystyle]
Or to really be like me, take a shower, then get a Bugaboo.



I think I flipped that guy some change on my way out of a MUNI station last week. I should have looked harder for the "Will work for Cameleon" sign.

Red & Dark Grey? Red Sox, whatever. Oh, so three-seasons, and one World Series ago. Blue, Mango and Clove are in this Spring - wasn't he in the front row at the NY shows with the little woman last Fall?

Ha, ha.

[we're actually rolling with the blue fleece at the moment, but still. NO Sox. -ed.]


i have never read such a concise fashion assassination. Beautiful!
I want to pimp my sons ride you know? Spinners, a boom box in the undercarriage, DVD player ( with The Wiggles or Pooh playing).
Am going to ring those boys form the OC Chopper Shop and see what they can do. And then we'll take on these damn Bugabots...
Affleck hasn't got a chance


I'd be more impressed by these celebrities and their strollers if they actually bought them themselves.

Not just celebrities, but un-named blog-aimed-at-hip-dads editors as well... ;)

[So you're saying that convincing Grandpa to buy it for the kid is somehow NOT work? ;) -ed.]

Maybe Ben will write a guest post for DT on how to DIY an ashtray attachment to the Bug.

Is that a camera in his other hand? What kind of camera is it?

[he pried it from a dead paparazzo's still-twitching hands. -ed.]

Correct me if I'm wrong (I'm sure someone will), but that looks like one of the higher-end Canon Digital EOS SLR cameras favoured by the paps, and the grey lens does look like one that a paparazzi would use also (complete with stabilizer). That is not a lens you would use to photograph your new baby in her stroller. I think Greg may be on to something.

I have never seen a more visually compelling reason to buy a Qunny Buzz.

Well, I may not be a Hollywood celeb but I do live there and it's a sea of Bugaboos...I'm kind of glad I went with the Urban Advantage from www.gogobabyz.com Great stroller, stylish and under 2 bills...and best of all, I haven't seen any others so it gets the looks...:)

Note the I'm-too-cool-to-push-this-stroller-with-both-hands look. Also, Bugaboo says you should always wear the wrist strap so it doesn't accidentally get away from you. Ben looks a little too distracted to handle the job.

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