January 21, 2006

The Lying, The Pitch, And The Boardroom

So that reality series that ABC cancelled before it ever aired, where gay dads won a house on a Texas cul de sac after The Blacks and The Asians and The Tattooed Ones got voted off by the neighbors? The one that turned out to change the redneck homophobic neighbor's whole worldview and enable him to reconnect with his gay son? Now it turns out Disney was negotiating with several evangelical Christian groups right around that time in order to get them to drop their Disneyland Gay Day-fuelled boycots--and to promote the upcoming Chronicles of Narnia from the pulpit. Coincidence? Not according to the reality series' producers. Disney's mousy non-denial denials don't do much to dispel any of the speculation, either.

That said, I'm not sure how someone can consider a six-episode, never-seen Survivor ripoff much of a cultural flashpoint. Sounds like someone needs cable.

Television Cul-de-Sac Mystery: Why Was Reality Show Killed? [nyt]
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