January 21, 2006

Buy Retail, Sell Wholesale: Seimi Bassinet from Netto Collection On Ebay


Considering their useful lifespan and wear, when Bugaboos turn up on ebay, they hold a pretty remarkable percentage of their original value. Bassinets, meanwhile, get almost no wear, and they only get used at all for a few months, max.

So it'll be interesting to see what this Seimi Finnish Bassinet, which is marketed in the US by the Netto Collection, will go for. They retail for $590, plus bedding, and this "lightly used 2 months" model "in perfect condition" is selling without reserve, with an opening bid of $300. Stay tuned.

Netto Collection Finnish Bassinet by Seimi, $300 [ebay via dt reader/ebay shark orelandy]
Previously: I want to see more Seimi

[update: it went for $357 to the original bidder, who had her maximum tested by a bargain hunter a few hours before the auction ended. This second bidder stopped gave up at $352, which is really lowballing on a $600 bed.]


i have a seimi bassinet for sale in atlanta if anyone is interested. $300

Hi, would you be willing to ship to Toronto?

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