January 19, 2006

The Kid Just Asked For "Fancy Cheerios"

Which means, of course, my stash of Honey Nut Cheerios. I can't get away with anything.

[update: whaddya know, Gothamist just posted about these handmade chocolate-covered Cheerios from NYC chocolatier Jacques Torres. We walked by there a couple of weeks ago.]


This is why I have taken to sneaking into the pantry to shove "inappropriate snacks for children" into my mouth as fast as possible before the little man comes wandering into the kitchen, saying "Ma-MA? Ma-MA?" As in, "I know you're in there, woman. Come out with your hands up, and I'll only demand a few bites of the goods."

[we've been deep in the "one more whatever" phase for a while now, which, with cookies, became "two more cookies." But the other day, she said "ten more Cheerios," because obviously, 1-2 is not enough. -ed.]

Have you tried the Apple Cinnamon Cheerios? They are a big hit w/the boy and the hubby.

Just change the boxes and the bags

Or you can educate them on the ways of big buisness and how they cut back on quality.

We server 'regular' and 'multi-grain, vitamin-fortified, extra-mighty cheerios' in our house...the kids go for the more heavily marketed version every time, even though the box kindof looks the same...

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