January 18, 2006

Dan Neil Professes Love In Attempt To Get BMW 325xi's Bud Light


The BMW 325xi wagon is the all-wheel-drive variation of the redesigned, highly praised, 3-series. It doesn't offer the biggest engine that the sedan/coupe does, and there's no M-wagon yet, but the LA Times' Dan Neil is still in love with it. And he wants to set you--and by "you," I mean "Spike TV watchers"--up with it.

According to his review today, every real man should buy an awesome sport wagon like the 325xi before he's 30. Why, you may ask? In a word: babes:

It's important to read cars as women read them, as the material adjuncts of a man's inner life. (Attention, gay men: The same rules apply, give or take a sweater.) Sports cars are needy, trucks are desperate, boxy crossovers and active-lifestyle SUVs scream "focus-group patsy" women sense these things with an atavism that is a marvel to behold. A sports wagon, by contrast, conveys an effortless and consolidated sense of self, a worldliness and maturity. You are more than just available; you're eligible.
One more benefit he doesn't mention: if and when you actually score, you won't face the stigma of trading your single guy ride for a wagon--because you'll already have one.

Circle this wagon [lat via dt reader jeff]
BMW 325xi Sports Wagon [bmwusa.com]

[update: Jalopnik's man-behind-the-wheel is skeptical of the existence of this classy, little-wagon-loving niche.]


That's funny, The Truth About Cars gave it a distinct "eh *shrug*".

[wow, no kidding. Since I'm not BMW people, but Mercedes people--and thus, prematurely and hopelessly old-at-heart--I don't REALLY care either way. But I do think his assumption that parents should really only need the ultimate schlepping machine is wrong--and annoying. -ed.]

I don't understand why sport wagons aren't more popular in the States. Most people here who want to haul a lot of stuff and don't like the stigma attached to minivans gravitate to bulky, clumsy, gas-guzzling, SUVs. Why not get a wagon that handles like a sports car, gets great gas mileage, and can haul just as much stuff (or more) than many SUVs? Besides, it looks so much cooler, as SUVs have now become so associated with soccer moms.

I drive an Audi A4 wagon, which is basically the benchmark that this BMW is aspiring to (as the first and still the best all-wheel drive sport wagon). Love it!

[but which some people around here insist is a chick car, although not to the degree, say, a RAV4 is. -ed.]

I too drive an A4 Avant. I love my car, and agree that more people need to go the sport wagon route VS the SUV. My car was a pre-baby buy, but now that the wife and I are expecting twins, i'l all the more happy with my decision.

Plus, who in their right mind wouldn't want to drive an RS4.

P.S. got to see my first Bugaboo yesterday. If only they made a double....

[I'm sure they're thinking the same thing... -ed.]

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