January 18, 2006

Brangelinadilla on ebay


No sign of Angelina Jolie's ultrasound pictures on ebay, but. I did find is this: the so-called Brangelinadilla: "Could this silhouette that was burned onto my tortilla actually be the first image of Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitts' baby??? Look for your self, you be the judge."

How long did it take to reach this point? A week? Unless someone produces a picture of Brad Pitt pushing a Precious Moments stroller, I think we are looking at a Brangelina-free Zone around here.

Amazing Brangelinadilla! Baby On A Tortilla! L@@K! [ebay]

update: Ebay has no love for Brangelinadillas, apparently; here's the new, revised auction link.


I can't believe that eBay removed the listing. What nerve.

Hi I am the seller of the tortilla, just wanted to update you that I have relisted the tortilla, and hopefully you would be so kind as to renew your link to my new listing. here it is. and thankyou very much.


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