January 17, 2006

Car Takes Out Pram In Front Of Takeout

bbc_pram_crash.jpg"Outside the Mamma Mia takeaway" in North Yorkshire, a Ford Escort jumped the curb and plowed into a mother and her two kids. Mom and a scooter-riding toddler were thrown clear and left with just some scratches. The stroller, meanwhile, was smashed flat as a pizza, a mess like bowl of spaghetti. And the kid inside? Just fine, and ready for some breadsticks.

The stroller looks to have been a Silver Cross Classic, which just goes to show you, knowing how to make a sturdy stroller and knowing how to stay in business are two separate things. Also, tip your delivery guy; it's worth whatever it costs to stay off the Yorks streets.

Child escapes crushed pram unhurt
[bbcnews, via dt reader jim]
Silver Cross prams and pushchairs at Two Left Feet
"Mamma Mia serves a variety of Italian dishes including pizza and pasta..." [citikey]

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The Mountain Buggy folks are out looking for madly-weaving delivery vehicles. Look how much free pub they got out of the building falling on top of one.

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