January 16, 2006

Expensive Rear-Facing Strollers Impair Child's Shoplifting

According to this headline from the UK's Daily Record, pushing your kid around in a rear-facing stroller can significantly delay his taking. Fortunately, the only strollers that have this rear-facing seat option--Bugaboos, a BebeConfort, and the Quinny Buzz--are for rich chumps. An' I say, if 'eir kids can' steal propah, well, 'at's jus more takin' for the liykes 'o us wehrkin' blokes, guvnuh.

And in completely unrelated news, forward-facing strollers may delay the development of talking.

COULD YOUR PUSHCHAIR BE STOPPING YOUR CHILD TAKING? [dailyrecord.co.uk via dt reader buck]


Actually, Graco just came out with a reversible seat stroller -- I think it's the Coach Rider. (Takes a snugride, which must make it monstrous.)

That is some awesome typo, isn't it?

[yeah, the story's about the UK market, so -ed.]

Another reversible option is the Zooper Zydeco (or Boogie) ... though Zooper doesn't seem to get much press - I'm glad to have found it. My daughter and I can handle anything from rough sidewalks, to rough dirt trails, to the small mounds of snow that people insist on leaving at the end of their driveway even though that blocks the sidewalk (no, I'm not bitter). And yes, since I'm a geek, I did put GPS on my zooper ...

The only downside is that its too big and bulky for my 5'3" wife to safely take in and out of the car ... that, and it doesn't even fit in her trunk :-) ... but other than that, its working very well for us, and since I'm a SAHD, I do nearly all of the stroller pushing ....

My son does not spend anywhere near enough time in his stroller so that this would actually make a difference. If these kids are living in strollers, then, rear-facing or not, they are going to have other problems.

Combi sells the reversible I-Thru for $199, and Aprica has a whole range--including one for twins!

The Peg Perego Venezia is also reversible.

well, it is soooo funny.

Parent facing strollers accused of delayed talking?

complete absurd. My kiddo rides in one, started talking when was 8 mo, by 15 mo would throw sentences at ya..

It is amazing how much you can buble with your kid about world around while you push around and how much fun it is for both of you to comment on everything with words, smiles , pointing etc.

amazing developmental tool if you ask me but hey, this takes a smart parent to know because if you will just push the kiddo mummy style then he got a squat from the passing world by.

anyway.. in addition to non parent facing stroller has been part of a research proving that lots of choking and alike strangulations by clothing or sliding baby head can took place when parent can't see the baby

so you be the judge.

I can push my baby with reversible stroller flipping back and forth depending of the sun direction, I can see her when I want to, and I we can talk our hearts delight..

not a rich folk though but I would sold a car if I could not afford a mama facing stroller and buy one. so much about rich folks..

yeah.. those mmm.. of mmm.. always go for the gold cause they got a gold, poor folks get there eventually and in the mean time we try to make ourselves feel better by looking for good in bad and bad in god.

take care

[thanks, glad you agree with the article, which was about delays associated with outward-facing, not parent-facing strollers. Hadn't heard about that deadly outward-facing stroller choking epidemic, though. That would definitely explain the not talking thing, tho. Where was that study published again? -ed.]

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