January 15, 2006

Bugaboo Carseat Adapters: Out With The Old...?

A concerned DT reader in the Bay Area writes:

Any scuttlebutt on when (whether) Bugaboo will make carseat adapters for the new 2006 Peg Perego SIP carseat? Or the new Graco seats for that matter. The baby stores near me seem to be discounting and dumping the 2005 Peg Perego and Graco carseats, meaning soon there will be no carseats available that can be attached to the Bugaboo.
Has anyone else seen this happening or heard word from a salesperson somewhere? I saw them pitching the rigs at Buy Buy Baby in NYC last week, same as always [presumably with 2005 carseats], even though it's true that the current Bugaboo adapters don't fit the 2006 models.

One thing I do know: the Maxi Cosi Cabrio has had side impact protection since at least 2004 when we bought ours.

Meanwhile, babystyle has Bugaboos and adapters--but no Peg Peregos.


The new Graco Safeseat that has been released should fit on the old adapters. Graco has said it will fit on all their strollers, old and new, just like the snugride. I would imagine it will also fit on the adapters for other strollers. You may want to check, as I am 6 hours from a store that sells Bugaboos, so I can't exactly verify this in person.
It looks likethe Safeseat will be a great seat, especially because it can be used up to 30 lbs.

The Bugaboo website specifically says that the current adapters don't work for the Graco Safe Seat Step 1 2006 models (nor the Peg Perego 2006 SIP models), so I don't think the new Graco seat will work unless Bugaboo modifies the adapters.

I'm going to try asking a reputable, small store in the Bay Area if they know what the plans are. Will post again if I learn anything interesting...

I emailed Bugaboo and they replied to me. The response is posted on my website, but basically they said that the new adapters are in the works but there is no timetable for them.

Just got an email from Bugaboo's customer service with this in it:

I have not received any official word yet from our headquarters, but I have personally attached our Graco adapters to both the SnugRide2 & SafeSeat Step 1. The SafeSeat Step 1 is a little tricky and I may have to walk you through this but our adapters fit both of these car seat models. If there is anything else that I can help you with, please email me back.

So it looks like you only have to wait if you want an '06 Peg.

I spoke with Bugaboo customer support and they have a new Peg Perego adapter for 2006/7 that will reportedly fit 2007 and older Peg Perego Primio Viaggio (&SIP) car seats. Unfortunately they do not have any photos to send me showing the difference between the old and new models and even worse, the models do not have any numbers or stamps on them for better identification.

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