January 13, 2006

The Swedish Play. For Babies.

Ibsen it ain't. Sounds more like Mummenschantz, but it's apparently working in Sweden. "B aby Drama" is a play for 6-12 month-old babies, and it's already sold out it's run in Stockholm.

The hour-long play shows the cycle of parenthood, birth and early life with the help of props such as red velvet curtains representing the womb and baby-bouncers that drop down from the ceiling, in which members of the audience are invited to sit.

[psychoanalyst author] Barany and [director] Osten said the intention was to encourage tots to develop a new understanding of their existence and make parents rethink how they relate to their children.

Indeed. Given my child's readiness at 22 months to believe the most convoluted explanation of why daddy was building the toy stroller that she clearly was expecting from Santa, I'd have to say that my kid's understanding of existence is pretty much what we make at this point. So in Sweden, that means red curtains and bouncy chairs floating down from the ceiling.

Youthful audience finds new play is kids' stuff
[reuters via dt reader paul]

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