January 12, 2006

Home Cookie-ing: Take Four Chefs, Add One Oeuf...

From the headline, I thought it'd be about renovating a Brooklyn brownstone with your in-laws, but the article in the NYT today mostly talks about a scrappy, anti-materialist, upstart magazine for parents called Cookie. ]Has anyone heard of it? Apparently the company also puts out Vogue, Lucky Domino, Details, Architectural Digest...anyway.] I'll let the magazine's editor, Pilar Guzman, explain:

On the evils of consumerism, Part I: "We [i.e., the Collective Cookie] want to liberate parents from the notion that you have to buy the whole nursery kit, that you have to buy a changing table...Why not use the top of a beautiful piece of furniture instead?"

Part II, in case you've just blown your wad on a Knoll credenza for the nursery:: "We want parents to consider the insidious messages of a culture that preys on their fears that they are bad parents because they didn't buy a wipe warmer."

On blogs:: Cookie is the print equivalent of such blogs as Urbanbaby.com [actually, depending on how you parse it, that's pretty dead-on.]

On the glorious progress of Civilization: Back in the old days, according to UB founder Susan Maloney, "you were searching for the vintage Eames rocker on eBay." And now? You can get a repro at DWR!

On excellently placed product: Sorry, toddler bedmakers, Cookie Muse/Guzman scion rocks an Oeuf [above].

On the real estate game: A million two for The Slope? Those were the days! Now check out this original woodwork and these built-ins. No, not the bookshelves, silly, the babysitters: they share the house with her husband's child-free brother and his wife.

Mortgage-in-Laws [nyt]

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