January 11, 2006

Angelina Jolie Knocked Up By The Manny

From Celebrity Baby Blog: "The report says that Angelina is due this summer.

Source: People

Thanks to the 80 CBB Readers who emailed us ."

And thanks to the zero DT readers who emailed us. I assume you're all too busy designing your Maddox tattoos.

Previously: Angelina Jolie Gets A Jamaican Manny


Well, now Brad Pitt can be on Queer Eye...

[but would he make it out alive? -ed.]

I was actually hoping you'd decided to declare DT a brangelina-free zone...

[that's kind of the message I was getting from the 80 people who didn't email me... It's not like Bjorn needs the publicity... -ed.]

You're just going to encourage them by posting. They need to know that not everyone cares. Next they will try to make you post about Tom Cruise, and Britney. If the Pope knocks someone up, that would be worthy of a post. Who didn't know that those two were having sex.

[I'm trying to figure out if the first 'they' is the same as the second 'they.' And except in the most extreme circumstances, DT has been declared a britney-free, k-fed-free, and tomkat-free zone. -ed.]

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