January 11, 2006

About A Boy With A Serious Dork Problem

Hats off to DK's "my first" boardbook series, who's clearly in the lead, while Eric Carle and "I Spy," battle it out for second place.

I just picked up a couple of books to put away, and for no reason at all, I ended up re-arranging the kid's bookshelf by author/series, and then size.


When I did the same thing to my kid's collection (she was a bit over two at the time), I arranged the books by publisher; D-K also edged out the field, with the Random House "Bright and Early" imprint hot on its heels.

And Eric Carle's books seemed to come from a surprising miscellany of publishers. What's up with that?

[that guy seems like a cranky old bird; maybe they burn out from dealing with him. Which book did he dedicate to the eradication of the damn aphid? -ed.]

Ahhh, the librarian in me is so proud of you both. Books are not just for dropping yams on and ripping pages from you know!

G. so you know Children's authors are not really publishing house loyalists. Due to the nature of children's lit, and also the educational market which is huge for them, many titles get shopped, reprinted, resold on and on and on. This phenomenon can make the life of a cataloguing librarian like me really a mess. And, yes indeed cataloguing librarian.. that
makes me - unequivocallly - the dorkiest of the dorkiest.

Besides how slick are you not even contemplating playin' the game of de-lurkers week? Mr. Too-cool-for-school.

Screw that, I am De-Lurking anyway. I read your site daily. You are always my first stop on my dad blog fix as you were my first. You have my cherry. I love your tech stuff, your clothing reccomendations, and the way you look down your nose at us Maclaren owners at the same time we are dissing the Graco monkeys. I just wish I could have found you before I made the purchase. I think the Quinny Buzz is the shit. If you have any words that will help convince my wife that a car seat is safe(r) even though it isn't approved in the US, I would appreciate the assitance.

Thanks for introducing a new way to look at faterhood. This is a pleasure that I had no idea I would get from parenting.

You rule, and I have stroller envy.

Thank You, His Dudeness

Great, now I've double posted. No wonder I am a lurker.

[actually, this one is #3, but I deleted the duplicate for you. thanks for sharing your shame and envy, which, as a Volo and bottom-of-the-line Graco carseat owner, I can appreciate. Let me tell you one thing that DOESN'T help: the "my other stroller's a Bugaboo t-shirt". Haven't tried this yet, though. -ed.]

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