January 10, 2006

Vintage Car Seat Lets Child See Windshield Before Going Through It


When my mom told me she used to drive around with me lying on the front seat, or on a blanket in the footwell, I used to think those folks were crazy. But now I realize my parents resisted the urge to get one of these seats designed to "give infants comfort," and for that, I thank them.

Oh wait, it's from 1936? That even predates my parents by several technological generations, so it was probably never an option. Still, 70 years, you'd think carseat technology'd come a little farther, no?

Auto Seat Gives Infant Comfort - AKA ĺ─˙Kiddie Catapultĺ─¨ [Modern Mechanix, via dt reader ed]
Related: how's this for timing? boingboing just linked to a photoset of scans of vintage magazines, including some ModMex]


The scary thing is, I had a car booster seat almost like this in the mid-70s. My mother and I still joke about it and about how it was basically a catapult.

I have some great 70's era DIY books called "Nomadic Furniture" that have directions for a cardboard version of this.

My dad repairs antique cars for a living, so when I was a kid I would get hauled around on these midwestern car tours thrown into the back seat of a 1927 Franklin or, if I was lucky, a 1936 Dusemberg. The thing is, cars didn't go very fast back then, and the roads were so terrible. I don't really wonder what our forebears were thinking (they weren't putzing around on the same streets as a Nissan freakin' Armada) but I do wonder what my dad was doing driving me around in those things down Indiana blue highways when we could have been driven over by a Suburban or something.

[a suburban with a mess o'kids bubbling around in the back. Before minivans, they were handing those things out fully loaded-- with six kids and a year's supply of wheat-- to every 30-yo guy who walked into Mormon Outfitters, -ed.]

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