January 10, 2006

The Morning News Dads Roundtable: Yep, They're Still Dads

The over-literate dads of The Morning News have reconvened for a Dads Roundtable that touches on talking children, blogs, dads' relationships with their dads--and whether there are any more children in the pipeline. That last one makes me think the whole thing is run by a conspiracy of grandmas. Williamsburg-living, PBR-swilling, Misshapes-visiting grandmas.

Anthony Doerr:...you don't need time to learn the lesson, you need time to forget it. The vomiting (wife's and newborn's), the terror (mine), the sleeplessness (everyone's). We had two babies, one with acid reflux and the other strapped to an apnea monitor the size of a VCR, a looming cross-country move, and a breast pump that never stopped chugging, yet somehow, a year and a half later, all we can remember from those first months is that our babies were small and cute. Evolution clearly figured out how to erase memories; otherwise no one would go for two.

KF: This is absolutely true. But I also think once they start talking and thinking on their own you start to feel the positives outweighing the negatives in a huge way. Hearing my son tell a neighbor, "Smell my feet," on Halloween, totally unprompted, was a huge day for me as a dad.

Oh, and Matthew at Defective Yeti reveals the name of The Squirrelly, which, if I read these tea leaves correctly, was derived from "ONLY THE GR8EST TV SHOW EVAR Frankie Muniz is soooo cool" and the Star Wars name Matthew gave himself after first seeing the movie in 1977: Malcolm Starcharmer Baldwin. [hey, the kid deserves at least two Google results of his own by now, right?]

New Fathers, Round III [tmn]
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