January 7, 2006

Wait. Beating Up Elmo Is Somehow A Bad Thing?

So there's Suicide Pact/Potty Training Elmo, and now Beat Up Elmo Elmo? And a Chinese-led Anti-Christian conspiracy at Wal-Mart to brainwash our children using subliminal messages planted in their toys and why don't we have more security in this country over toys and our children instead of all these cameras everywhere and--why keep paraphrasing?--"A long time ago we were warmed about global warming. We were warned about polluting the ocean. We were warned about cutting down trees. Now we have high levels of mercury in some areas in the air. Our fish are dying and we have to have special trained people to wash oil slicks off ducks and costly manhours repairing the damage. Look what happened to Haiti or was it Jamaica where the trees were cut down and all the floods that killed the population. Enough is enough. Our children are our future and we should protect them from possible brainwashing. If this is an act by an individual not affiliated by FisherPrice they should be reprimanded. This toy was made in China. So I quess we will never really know. "

Actually, you're thinking of Easter Island. Are YOU the person who saw Rapa Nui? Anyway, there's now an mp3 of Shout Elmo's mysteriously threatening voice. Pray for America, people, seriously. [via boingboing]


Hmmm. I hear, "Wellllll... You make Elmo want to shout! Be like elmo (and shout!), Shake your fur out (and shout!), Throw your hands up and shout! Come on now!"

Annoying? Yes. Evil??

[yes, but not in the way those folks think. That's what I hear, too, although I can see how you can get "beat up elmo" out of it. "Lucy in disguise" and all. -ed.]

"The girl with colitis goes by"
That's just funny.

C'mon, kids aren't the only ones getting indoctrinated with subliminal messages. Wake up people, buy more 'swiffer wipes'.

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