January 6, 2006

"Tibet Next To China"

heart_tibet.jpgThe kid got some chunky Tibetan necklaces for Christmas; my father-in-law bought them in Beijing from a Tibetan woman's stand in some giant jewelry market. As she was playing with them this afternoon, I was telling her they're her China necklaces. [She's been very big into labelling and identifying things, who gave them to her, where they're from. She has a "Grandma's jacket. from Fance," for example. And "Grammy's Russian Doll." And "Daddy's tights," even though I was just the one who unwrapped them; I don't wear tights, I--wait, how did we get on this subject?]

Anyway, I said, "China necklaces from Granddad, they're Tibetan." and she goes "CHI-na." And it occurs to me, that China may have dibs on every product in Wal-Mart, every piece of kids clothing at every mall in the country, and every piece of plastic in the house, but they're gonna have to do their own work persuading the kid that Tibet is part of China. So I said, "That's your Tibet necklace, from Tibet, a country next to China."

And then she said, "Stibet next to CHI-na." And I'm all, that's right.

I'd love to see a Free Tibet kid's T-shirt or Onesie with a Tibetan flag on it, but all I can find is this I [Heart] Tibet American Apparel bodysuit from be+cause clothing [$24, with proceeds supporting Students For A Free Tibet]. [Although Zazzle, the photos-on-stamps people, DO have this "Free Tibet (with any purchase)" design that you can order on a romper. Not quite sure how to slice that one, politically, though.]

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