January 5, 2006

The Mid-Night Poo: Who. Does. Number Two. Work For?

It's like 11, the kid's been asleep a while, you go to check on her, and the nursery reeks; clearly, only the top end has been resting. When it comes to changing the kid's dirty diaper in the middle of the night without having to re-put her to sleep, we are now 1 for 4. Unfortunately, the first time, I actually managed to get the kid out of bed, change her diaper, and put her back without her even waking up, so my luck has resulted in 3 grindingly sleepless nights since.

The latest--which is why I'm mentioning this now--was Tuesday, when my wife caught a whiff on the way to bed. "Sure, change it," I blithely told her, "I'm just doing a quick upgrade on my server software, if she wakes back up, I'll hear her. We were both up for most of the next five hours. The kid was wide awake, and every time you'd think you'd coaxed her back to sleep, she'd be all, "HI! Go Mommy's bed!"

So I'm not saying you should always leave the poo where it is, just that you should get all the facts on the table befor deciding: because that poo wants you to stay awake all night.


This is where easy access takes on a whole new meaning. Unless the kid was in snap-crotch jammies I could never manage to change her on the sly - and even then it was a crap-shoot.

My trick for this situation: put a pacifier in their mouth, wait a minute, then go for it. My son will usually suck like mad on his pacifier but stay asleep through the diaper change.

If the poop has not awaken the Baby, 'let it lie' Wait till you Have to change it before dealing with the 'doo'

Come on. . . it's the number one rule of parenting: "Never, never wake a sleeping baby." Words to live by.

i had no idea that the "poo" rule could trump the "never wake a sleeping baby" rule.

hopefully odin won't develop some sort of psychological complex from us letting him stew in his doo!

obviously if he does wake up we commence with the changing, but otherwise he doesn't seem overly bothered.

I think that letting her "stew in the doo" may lead you down the ugly path of little girl UTIs. Trust me... watching your baby girl getting a straight catheter for a urine sample is just plain PAINFUL.

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