January 5, 2006

So I'm Slow: My First Hanukkah Boardbook

hannukah_boardbook.jpgIn the basement of our building in DC, by the recycling bins, there's a shelf for old books. This was on it last night. Naturally, I had to take a look, and it seems I was the first person to open it; the spine crackled on every page.

It looks like DK's other "My First" series, but it's got a lot of narrative, the Hanukkah story, re-enacted by older kids (7-8) in bathrobes. The last half, though, gets back to the "how many red dreidls are there?" and "Hanukkah shapes ["Oval/Jelly Donut"] format. No pressure and all, but there's an honest to G-d Hanukkah quiz, at the end. All in all, it seems a little ambitious for the typical "My First Boardbook" audience.

My guess: it was a stocking stuffer for someone who started dating a Jewish girl. Because if you're really buying for a kid, wouldn't you start with the Fisher Price Little People Hanukkah Play Set?

My First Hanukkah Board Book from $1.95
, very klein gelt [amazon]
Previously: FP Little People Nativity Set


The FP link is too much. I don't know what's worse...the mom in the kitchen part cooking away or the gifts the size of the kids themselves. Or maybe it's the older/bald dad. A little cultural sensitivity here, please!

[you forgot to say Oy. You notice it's a Reformed Hanukkah, too; only one kitchen. -ed.]

The dog looks suspiciously trayf. Where's the bloated uncle passing gas? Where's the aunt "borrowing" the sliver she should have inherited in the first place? Probably in the car, driving home with their offspring who are begging to stop at McDonalds. Clearly I'm having a different holiday than FP.

I thought this book was quite interesting when I read a copy at our local library...but I am 23. My 4 year old son found it a little beyond him - I think you're right, too much narrative!

[We've just been skimming through the story, counting the candles and listening to the kid say 'shamash'. Now she wants more presents, though... -ed]

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