January 3, 2006

Crib For Six? Rustic Capsule Hotel? Dog Spa? You Decide.

sextuplet_crib.jpgOne thing's for sure: this is not a crib for the six autistic foster children you took in in order to get the $4,800/mo checks from Social Services. If it were, it'd have chicken wife on the front, not slats.

Oh, one other thing's for sure: apparently there are at least two of these in existence, because this picture is NOT of the actual one for sale. Now, if you're expecting sextuplets, I imagine that exactly matching the stain on your nursery furniture is probably way down your priority list. But just in case, I suggest asking this craiglister for a few pix of the actual equipment.

SEXTUPLET crib system (or for daycare) - $900 - $900
(san jose north) [craigslist via dt reader mrs. d]

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