January 3, 2006

3-in-1 Stroller/Tricycle/Massagelounger at Hammacher Schlemmer


What's that, the third function is "push cycle"? So not everything at Hammacher Schlemmer is also a massagelounger, a folding kayak, or a home popcorn machine?

I guess 2006 ushers in a new era at the venerable what-not retailer, who will start delivering this "durable vehicle crafted from tough and lightweight PVS plastic" in early February. The brandless rig has a storage bag "that doubles as an adult-sized backpack," and comes in one universally popular color: taxicab yellow. Alas, there is no holder for either cups or boxes of popcorn.

Buy it quick so you can enjoy a brief moment of differentiation from all your Bugaboo-driving neighbors, because at only $199.99, this thing'll be in every front hall in town by spring. Can you afford to wait?

The 3-In-1 Stroller/Push Cycle/Tricycle [hammacher.com via dt reader christy and babygadget.net (?! babygadget.net?? Will Christmas never stop coming?)]
Previously: OKO Trike, aka the Italian stroller/push chair/ tricycle/ excuse for an odd-looking canopy

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This tricycle is actually made by Imaginarium, a Spanish company.

check it here

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