January 2, 2006

Canadian Leather Mally Bibs Conquer Hearts & Minds At Bloggingbaby

Looks like the cutey cute charm, wash-n-wipeable convenience, and ironlike durability of Mally Bibs, Canada's leading brand of leather bibs, has won over at least some of the crew at Blogging Baby.

Today some may look askance at babies who wear bibs all the time, even when they're not eating [perpetual droolers, we know about you, and you have our sympathies]. But I predict that, by 2017, the paradigm shift to fashionable leather bibs will be so complete, they'll be indispensable for everyone --adults, children, even replicants--whether on earth or in the outer colonies. And for that, Mally Bibs, we thank you.

Mally Leather Baby Bib -- why didn't someone come up with this sooner? [bloggingbaby.com]
Previously: Canadian Baby Leather Industrial Complex expands into bibs, now with an update from Mally Bibs' CEO and some fans


We had to find something to do with all our cows while you guys and Japan had our beef on the blacklist...

Umm... Does food hitting a leather bib get absorbed, or just drip into the kid's lap? I'll stick with sturdy cotton which clings to food and doubles as a clean up napkin. An occassional plastic bib with drip pocket works for sloppy food such as yogurt.

Humph. I want a finder's fee.

[you'n'me, both, sistah. those pudding boutique people stealing your thunder. -ed.]

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