December 31, 2005

Plush Baby Dinosaurs In A Nest Swimming Pool

dinosaurs_in_a_nest.jpgAt our third Christmas session last night, the kid got this very cute set of Melissa & Doug plush baby dinosaurs from Grandma. [Melissa & Doug have clearly been able to break their brand out of their original Cute Wooden Toy niche. I smell an HBS business case writeup coming...]

Anyway, the kid was loving the dinosaurs, and we were loving her loving the dinosaurs--there are few things cuter than a one-year-old's pronunciation of "triceratops"--until I mentioned that they came in their own little swimming pool. That was all the hint she needed; she bounced those dinosaurs faster so mercilessly, you'd have thought she was in Rent. Then she proceeded to swim the night away "in" "her" pool, which was barely big enough for her torso.

The dinosaurs-turned-squatters have now taken up residence in our living room, waiting for us to clear a space for them in the kid's room. As soon as we move some of her other toys on up to the East Side, to a deluxe storage unit in the sky-hy-hy.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Baby Dinos In A Nest is $39.99 at Amazon. They're at other places, too, though. []
[To be honest, the dinosaurs are great, but I wasn't in a hurry to post about them. I got the distinct impression, however, that my 2005 karma scales would be severely impacted if I let the last thing I posted for the year be a video game sex chick for Japanese nerds. Happy New Year, folks.]


Those dinosaurs are adorable. My daughter would love those. And the nest--I mean pool they come in. The pronunciation of "triceratops" is still cute at 2 and beyond.

I love this i am doing my sons room in baby dinosaurs i think this would look good in his crib!

hmm, it's a pretty big pile of plush to put in a crib. The whole set's at least as big as a Thanksgiving turkey.

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