December 29, 2005

"Plastic Bag Is Not A Toy."


From the time she was born, I used to chant that to the kid every time I had a shopping bag in my hand, or every time I'd take out the trash or unwrap something.

In case the dangers of playing with plastic bags elude you as a parent, I thought I'd share this helpful warning icon from the bag my Katamari Damacy t-shirt came in.

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I agree with you Greg, we must be careful with plastic bags and children.

Taking this conversation further, I'd urge everyone to buy natural, organic and environment-friendly bags only (instead of plastic). If this message seems inappropriate, please forgive me, but I'm very keen to promote awareness amongst people to start using natural products.

I've been doing a lot of reading and have interacted with many folks who work for promoting ecological products. I have come across some guys in India, Britain, France and Netherlands who are seriously into it.

These guys in India make good ecological bags, and I liked them so much that I promised to talk about them once in a way. If anyone who reads this feels like getting good quality bags, then you must visit

And in case you want to know more about sources for such products, do mail me. I can get you in touch with many such people around the world.

[yes, if you're NOT going to let your kid play with plastic bags, by all means, make sure that it's ecologically sound plastic bags they're not playing with. And if someone reading this talks once about these bags, within just seven days, 100,000 people will talk to YOU about them. GUARANTEED! -ed.]

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