December 29, 2005

In Other News Of The Apocalypse, The Man Show Host Adam Carolla To Reproduce

Decades of giving teenagers in SoCal blowjob advice on Loveline seems to have finally paid off for Adam Carolla, who's wife is now pregnant with the couple's first child.

If you are the viewer of Carolla's latest house renovation TV series, The Adam Carolla Project, then you already know the comedian had been trying to impregnate his wife. If you are a viewer of his former show, The Man Show, then you are not reading this; you're sitting in a skank bar, trying to win enough money for a lapdance by playing video poker.

Adam Carolla and wife expecting first child [last cbb post of the night, I swear I'll get my own material soon]
The Adam Carolla Project [tlc]


I hope that kid grows up to listen to NPR and do poetry jams, just to give Adam a heart attack.

Adam's at his best on Loveline when he goes off on his rants about society and culture. I find myself agreeing with everything he would do "If he ruled the world" as he puts it.

Hey, let's not discount his work as Spanky Ham on Drawn Together!

I've been a devoted Loveline listener for a good 10 years now. One of their main themes that they hammer on over and over and over is how much society is hurt by absent/abusive/otherwise poor fathers. Hearing that 10,000 times over the years was probably one of the biggest things that led me to seek out more daddy-centric type stuff when I found out I was gonna be a father.

I love Adam :O)
Sure he's a nut... but I mean, he always gave the greatest advice on Loveline, did he not? Doctor Drew was always being serious and trying to work it out and Adam was the brutally honest one. I'll never forget him telling the woman that she and her boyfriend needed to "go to the airport, get on two seperate planes, fly to opposite sides of the world and stay there... and FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T EVER REPRODUCE!"... it was great!

I hope he and his wife have a healthy beautiful baby!

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