December 26, 2005

There's More Handmade Christmas Where That Came From


For Christmas, her granddad got the kid this chair, made by his brother Alvin. Quite the craftsman, Uncle Alvin makes and sells a fair amount of children's furniture here in southern Utah, but this is the first of his creations to receive three coats of high gloss automotive enamel polyurethane. [turns out it was the triple coat of polyester primer--and two hours of hand-sanding--that gave the chair the supersmooth surface for the DuPont single stage paint. All you need is an auto body shop willing to lose a pile of money on you, and you're set.]

My father-in-law and his wife took it to the body shop where they'd just had their car done, and they picked out this deep eggplant color, which kind of matches the painted concrete floors of their desert getaway. [When the kid outgrows the chair, we'll ship it back and keep it here for her.]

As you can see, Bunny Foo Foo's already evil grin looks even more menacing when it's reflected in the chair's superpolished finish.

previously: how about a MacGyver Christmas? Or at least an indie Christmas?


That chair looks fantastic. Is the surface of the chair sticky or slippery?

Also, where did Bunny Foo Foo come from? He looks homemade, much like my attempts at a sock monkey that came off looking like a homicidal maniac.

[more on the chair's origins in a bit, which are particularly awesome, actually. The surface is glassy smooth and gets covereed fingerprints immediately. Bunny Foo Foo came from, via Dutch's indie Christmas shopping manifesto; just added the link above. -ed.]

Speaking of handmade, what happened with the baby bugaboo? I'm curious to know how that turned out?

Suh - weet!
When is the kid going to get a bed in Red Hot Meltdown Metalflake?

[if there's any logic to it, she'd have a whole room in Meltdown these days. -ed.]

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