December 23, 2005

Not Much Of A Review Of Paul McCartney's Kid's Book

mccartney_book.jpgWhile it's mostly a too-kind report of a bookstore reading with an audience of pre-selected children, I'd kind of hoped this UK Observer article would be more of a review of Paul McCartney's first children's book, High In The Clouds. For example, a tasty blurb like

"the greatest example of the 'disingenuous anti-capitalist sermon from a musician who's socked away hundreds of millions of pounds' genre since Madonna's Lotsa de Casha!"

would've been nice, but alas.

But it got me thinking--thinking that that tasteless joke about what it'd take to reunite The Beatles now has a new punchline: With Lennon's drawings covering the butts of the tiniest Wal-Mart shoppers, Ringo's voice driving the Thomas The Train juggernaut; and George Harrison's long-ago contribution as the exec. producer of Time Bandits--which later became the basis for the computer RPG Ultima II--McCartney's dopey book has finally managed to bring the Fab Four together again--in the aisles of a children's licensing convention.

It took him years to write... []

Previously: Sir Paul stroller sighting at the NYC booksigning; Imagine all the licensing - John Lennon Baby; Just because Madonna didn't actually write it doesn't mean it doesn't suck

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