December 21, 2005

Was It Good For You, Too? Orgasmic Childbirth

Now, for your clueless male convenience, all those mysteries--pregnancy, childbirth, the female orgasm--are wrapped up in one, convenient package called childbirth. Is it true? Is it just propaganda from the anti-epidural lobby? Or just one more lifechanging thing you're not involved with? Being a man, I'll never know.

But here are some helpful descriptions to put you in the mood:

"Crouched on my knees on the little afghan..."
"I had the most sought-after midwife in France..."
" The feelings we've both had at the birth of each of our babies were so primal." ["we" being Kate Capshaw and Steven Spielberg. Chew on THAT mental image for a while.]

Bornfree! Orgasmic Childbirth
[ via dadcentric]

[update: dt reader jess points out that this site also has info on male lactation, which, it turns out, I linked to almost 18 months ago. Classic guy move to totally overlook the orgasm while fixating on the breasts, I guess...]


"A tremendous excitement filled the kitchen and Michael and I seemed to merge as our eyes met. It was as if we had become one again as we did in a genital embrace."

A genital embrace. Seriously. This is the reason people hate America. That's some of the dumbest stuff I have ever seen in my life.

I am glad if childbirth doesn't cause you immense pain, but if someone tries to tell me it is orgasmic, I will punch them in the face and tell them it was the meeting of our two sweet sets of lips.

Does anyone think that maybe it is the emotional joy of having a baby combined with the extreme adrenaline rush? Not an orgasm? Anyone?

When we went to our childbirth class and watching the birthing video, any casual passerby could have mistaken it for porn. (Well,, the first half of the video at least.) There were the various birthing positions, panting, nudity. Even a shower scene. Let me tell you that my experience with childbirth was something less than orgasmic.

For what it's worth there are many stories about this in Ina May Gaskin's guide to childbirth:

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