December 21, 2005

Art: Juergen Teller, New Dad


I'm always interested to see what happens to an artist's work when he has a kid. Partly because the new presence ususally makes himself or herself felt in unexpected ways, but mostly because good artists are usually very attuned to such perturbations and register them in insightful ways.

Plus, pictures of little babies are cute cute cute. This photo is titled "Little Ed," and it'll be included in London-based photographer Juergen Teller's show at Lehmann Maupin Gallery in NYC, which opens Jan. 13.

[It should be mentioned that Teller did already have a bit of parenting experience under his belt before Ed came along; his daughter Lola must be around eight or nine years old by now. And besides, his 2003 show was titled "Daddy you're so cute." Here's a 2003 interview where Teller talks about his work, his family, being a dad, and other stuff.]


What a great picture.

I look at the pictures of our twins, and it's amazing to see the point where they notice the camera, and never stopped noticing it. They stare right at you and give a big smile. I'm not sure if they're hamming it up, or want to be the next top models. yikes!

[You've been letting them watch too much E! again, perhaps. -ed.]

I think Picasso once said that few critics understood that the singular (or at least most important) influence on all of Matisse's important work was his children and what he learned from them about color & such.

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