December 20, 2005

Be Unique Somehow At Baby Gap Outlet

You know the trouble with Baby Gap; it's the same with Grownup Gap: if you get anything but basics there, you run the risk of running into a hundred people on the street--or at the mall, for you suburban types--wearing the same thing. One Sunday early on, we put a cute little plaid dress on the kid--it was a gift--only to find two other babies at church wearing the same outfit.

Remarkably, though, this clone effect has never happened with stuff from Baby Gap Outlet. Whether it's because they're a season or two behind, or because they get distributed regionally around the country, who knows why, but the kid has gotten some very decent stuff, it's dirt cheap, and we've never seen any other kid wearing the same thing, ever. Go figure. And then head to Camarillo. [or wherever.]


How in the hell does a New Yorker know where Camarillo is? Before they built the hugest outlet mall ever there, it was most famous for being the home of a large state insane asylum. Coincidence?

[dude, there's a barney's. Of course a new yorker'd know it. -ed.]

The outlets make a 'special' line only for outlet stores (hence the reason it cannot be returned to a regular Gap). I've gotten gorgeous stuff in AT LOFT & Banana Rep. in Woodbury Commons outlet. No one else is wearing it. and you get to say it was a 'limited edition.' :0)

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