December 18, 2005

More Expensive Than A Bugaboo, But Per Child? It's A Bargain


True, this stroller costs $989, $1,124 with the three canopies shown here. That's way more than a Cameleon, even. But if you look at it on a per-child basis ($164/187), the Bye-Bye Buggy is one of the best deals going.

And even if you don't have six kids, it still makes sense; just order the optional shave ice accessory kit, and your Bye-Bye'll pay for itself in a couple of hot weekends.

[Seriously, though, some people down the street from us in DC have a nannyshare--twins and another kid about the same age--and together they bought a three-kid version of this, which is how they roll on the playground. She better be getting a HUGE stack of dough, that nanny; that rig looks as hard to push as a mining cart.]

Bye-Bye Buggy Six Seater, $989 at Busy Kids [, via dt reader christy]


I suppose if you can afford all those kids, the buggy wouldn't bee much of a problem, no?
It is a neat stroller, though. I'll have to talk to my wife about having another 4 children soon.

[offer to get her some sensible nurse shoes, and she'll be putty in your hands. -ed.]

They have some of those at my son's daycare. They go on buggy rides around the daycare every day.

And let us not forget about the beautiful RUNABOUT!

I'm a happy nanny that pushes one for quads. And we are quite the freak show out in it.

Eew! No way - looks way too much like those golf-cart wagons from The Prisoner.

I see them using one of these at a local daycare in the strip mall next to the post office. I found it really depressing to watch. Especially the infant seat at the top. None of the kids were smiling and the woman pushing it didn't look happy either.

How about just putting a seat for the push-er at the front, with pedals, this looks like 16x the nightmare to push that the Graco Duoglider is.
I'd have fun pedalling this, but pushing it? Argh!

Can you clip 'em together and make mini rollercoasters with them?

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