December 17, 2005

And Yet, I Want To See More John Deere Baby Gear


It's one of the most thoroughly licensed-out brands around these days, but I can't help feeling there ought to be more baby-related stuff from John Deere.

According to the official John Deere Gifts online shop, there are two bodysuits available, but none in the trademark green, with nothing but the yellow logo on it. Is that too much to ask? There are plenty of classic logo t-shirts for kids (though they're mostly sold out at the moment and don't go below size 2T anyway), if not babies. Hats off to the sweet green infant hat, though ["up to 6 months"]. That is a work of agri-cultural art.

Maybe they could pull someone off of the JD Lamp and Wallpaper Border team and get them to throw some green Onesies onto the screener. I mean, it's winter, there are no crops to plow, right?

John Deere Gifts - Kids' Clothing
, like the green youth Tee [$13.99] and the green infant or toddler cap [$11.99] []


I live out in John Deere country, where they aren't as much a fashion as they are a means to a living.

My father-in-law sells them. By "them" I mean the $100,000 tractors and $250,000 combines, as well as the $500 snow blowers.

Year-round they have an aisle of John Deere "toys", from children's tractors and wagons and whatnot, to limited edition die casts that cost hundreds of dollars. Every December at their location, they triple their inventory, and sell it all. (At a TREMENDOUS markup.) Always have. Every farmer who drives a John Deere every day wants his grandchildren to play with the same piece of equipment. They have incredible brand loyalty.

When it comes to technology, farmers are much like the geeks of today working in IT swearing about Apple vs. Windows vs. Linux. And for the same reasons really - reliability, user experience, safety (rather than security), etc. They have a choice, John Deere or Case International Harvester. Red vs. Green. They are passionate about their choices, as you can imagine they must be if the product is that expensive.

Anyway, not much of a story, just a comment. I have spent plenty of time in big cities, and it always makes me chuckle when I see someone in JD Green.

[my grandfather was actually both. He was mostly IH, but had some JD, too. Maybe someone owed him money, and they settled using the JD? -ed.]

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the link to that adorable hat! My God son will now be getting one of the toddler ones for Christmas (kudos to them on making 'em small enough for infants too) :O)

I must say I do love the JD apparel... and I'm from the "big" city of Lexington, Kentucky (one might call me a city girl in a country state) it doesn't stop me from sayin' "ya'll" though...

Thanks again!

However... it apparently does stop me from being able to spell... I do know that it's spelled "y'all" *wink*

Farmers are quite fanatical about their brands but no one, and I mean no one can match the marketing geniuses at JD. I mean, how else would a 3 year old and 5 year old know enough to shun the New Holland Tuff Trike because it's "not the green one"?

All I can say is that it's a good thing the family gets a hefty staff discount because you would not believe the markup on this stuff.

My baby girl has a JD onesie. I picked it up at Marshal's. We get lots of "oh, isn't that the cutest little boy,"s but I couldn't just leave it on the rack.

[the kid's got freakin' Charlie's Angels hair, yet if I put her in a navy blue toggle coat, I get "how old is he?" whatryagonnado?- ed.]

Ok, ok, c'mon over to our site. This actually ISN'T spam, but I guess it's close.

I'm working on some JD baby stuff now. Bear in mind that JD dosen't make the items, they just license them. Irks me that they're the competition. We're a JD dealer too.

I just want to say that I fell upon your post about John Deere baby while I was searching ALL OVER for John Deere Infant clothing. I've been disappointed with the findings. Like you said, all that I come across is onesies with a small logo. I want something that is DISTINCTIVELY John Deere! I'm talking all out green and yellow. I have a friend who has a pack of boys. A toddler a preschooler and a newborn. I had no problem finding very distinct JD for them, but this baby has been another story!

I have to agree with one of the commenters though, in that it cracks me up to see those from the city wearing John Deere clothing, when they've probably never driven or let alone seen a REAL John Deere tractor. I too, am from the country. I work on a farm and drive tractors everyday. We really do have a loyalty to the brand like he said, because we know what it's about. Yeah, the clothes for the kids and babies are cute, but it's more of a loyalty to the brand of the person that buys it for them. Raising them right. Lol.

I live in the UK and it's very tricky to get JD kit here, that said we are throwing my little one a JD party this weekend! I've got bunting on order from Germany after driving 40 miles to my local dealership in flood conditions. all his tractors are green! i used to work as a groundsman and i drove all sorts from gators to 6920's.

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