December 15, 2005

One Embryo: 100 Swiss Francs.


The Swiss National Bank recently announced the winners of the design competition for the new Swiss Franc notes. The most obvious feature--even more eyecatching than the skull on the 1,000 or the HIV virus on the 200--is the weeks-old human embryo on the 100 franc note.

There's a bit of a Powers of 10 theme going on on the other side; the 10 franc note has red blood cells, and the images scale up to what looks like the Alpha Quadrant on the 1000.

It sure does make me think, though. Think that American money sure is lame. The one saving grace of American money: it's horizontal, so it fits in your wallet. Meanwhile, I'd be stoked if another country had money as tripped out as this. Especially if it's a country I can read about online and don't actually visit that much.

New Banknotes Project - 1st Prize: Krebs Manuel
[ via boingboing]
See speeches and the other designs at the main competition page. [wt--there's actually a breakdancer on this one.]


So I'm guessing William Tell appears on the 500 franc note.

If anyone suggested this bill design in this country, we would be instantly plunged into endless debate about "it's an embryo" "no, it's a fetus", "no it's a child", and there would be requests that we make this the "choose life" 100$ bill. Let's stay the hell out of that mess.

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