December 14, 2005

Baby, Earn Your Keep Boardbooks From McSweeney's


Author/illustrator Lisa Brown's internationally reknowned "Baby Be of Use" instructional boardbook series has revolutionized infant and child productivity rates in the developing world. And the Walton Family's richer and the rest of us are a little less poor because of the everyday low prices she's helped deliver with such titles as:

  • Baby, make me some soccer balls. [Pashtu]
  • Baby, press me some promotional coasters. [Fujianese]
  • Baby, Kathy Lee's coming. Finish those t-shirts. [Creole]
  • Baby, walk me through this reboot. [Punjabi]

    Now McSweeney's is offering Brown's first two titles in the US [Baby, make me some Nikes, was only released in the Northern Mariana Islands, which counts as "Made In USA" for every industry except publishing. Where's Jack Abramoff when you need him?]. The "Baby Be of Use Bundle" includes two boardbooks, Baby, make me breakfast. and Baby, mix me a drink. and two of those [presumably child-made] coasters for the low, low price of $15.00 [$13.50 on sale!]. Just in time for Dave Eggers' kid to work the office holiday party for The Believer.

    Baby Be of Use Bundle, $13.50
    [ via dt reader jj]

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    This cracked me up! Love your commentary on these books. "Baby, walk me through this reboot"... hehehe

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