December 13, 2005

And In Other Pregnant Skydiver News...

wonder_showzen.jpgUntil Shayna Richardson of Siloam Springs, Arka. took her first solo jump out of an airplane--and crash-landed on her face in a parking lot when her chutes didn't open, and survived, only to learn that she was two months pregnant at the time--the phrase "pregnant skydiver" only turned up 15 times on Google, and those were either junk references, or duplicate entries for an awestruck, WTF?? review by WFMU of a series on MTV2 called Wonder Showzen.

Wonder Showzen turns all the classic elements of a kid's show--puppets, cartoons, the ABC's, actual precocious children--and shoots them full of angel dust. Then it turns them loose and films the results. It's like Sesame Street being taken over by muppet crack ho's. It's not safe for kids, nor for work, and probably not for the homes of the easily offended. [The show turns out to be the brainchild of the guy who was Towelie on South Park and John Lee, as in the inspiration for the They Might Be Giants track, "John Lee Supertaster" from No! I tell ya, Brooklyn's getting smaller every day.]

pregnant_skydiver_showzen.jpgBut anyway, the cartoon about a OB/GYN dog delivering a pregnant skydiver's baby in mid-air while the father falls nearby saying, "pull the cord!" sounds safe enough, like a panel from The Far Far Side. No, Even Farther.

Pregnant Skydiver Survives Face-First Fall [ap/yahoo via dt reader ponch]
PFFR & Wonder Showzen: More Biting Than the Tics On Grover's Fur [wfmu blog - links & clips]
If you can imagine actually planning to watch MTV2, Wonder Showzen is on Fridays at 930Eastern/630Pacific []

[Update: the wonder-showzen fansite has some hi-res images that'd look great on Onesies. If you're looking for some gift ideas...]

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