December 13, 2005

A Dad's Perfect Night In The Slope

What makes "a classic Park Slope evening," you ask? Here's one dad's answer:

  • babysitting exchange,
  • Al Di La for dinner,
  • Blue Ribbon for dessert,
  • ...and a Paul Bettany/Jennifer Connelly/child sighting.

    Gawker Stalker [gawker]

  • 1 Comment

    Pino's Pizzeria for dinner (on 7th ave)
    Walk to Barnes & Noble (on 7th) and browse through magazines
    ...and a John Turturro sighting (never actually saw him with kids though)

    Of course this is what my perfect night woulda been if I still lived in Park Slope with my family (President St, between 6th and 7th aves). Unfortunately, the 4th floor walk-up co-op without a washer and dryer wasn't gonna cut it. Plus, when we sold the co-op we totally made some serious coin!

    Alas, I am a suburbanite (happily so, actually!) father of two living in Edison, New Jersey with sweet memories of my bohemian life as a D.I.N.K. in the heart of Park Slope...

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