December 12, 2005

From Our Man On The Street In NYC

1) It's butt cold. So you bundle the kid up for the street, only to have her meltdown in every sense of the word in the line at the post office.

2) I was surprised by how good the Sand-colored Cameleon with the Orange seat/canopy looked. Those Bugaboo people were right after all. Maybe they're in on that whole color trend prediction thing, where last year's Hot Colors for lingerie are now this year's Hot Colors for cars (and next year's hot colors for sneakers, then strollers? Ask Faith Popcorn.

3) Saw a set of grandparents struggling to push a doublewide Urban Buggy through a slushy sidewalk ramp. It looked heavier than the coal wagons in Minsk. Seriously, these people worked nights so you could go to law school, and now they watch the kids on the weekend, and this is how you repay them?


We just spent the day pushing our double urban mountain buggy through the slushy sidewalk ramps. A bit more difficult than the rugged stroller imagery we had when we bought it. Then again, we just filled up the entire lower area with tropical juices and supplies from the Dominican store down the road, so I guess I can't complain.

But seriously, I forsee myself spending most of my city walking time in the middle of the street since the snowy sidewalks aren't shoveled wide enough. sigh... If it can withstand falling scaffolding, it can withstand a car crash, right?

I saw that sand/orange combo the other day too: pretty sweet. Maybe a little too pretty and too sweet though.

Does anyone have a grey Frog for sale?

Our late-model 2004 Bugaboo (grey) has been performing like a shaggy mountain goat on these crusty streets. Also, I wonder if anyone else has been experiencing the soporific effects of hot-bundled-body/cold face/bouncing? Scant moments after the fabulous Bugaboo winter package has enveloped my guy, he is unconscious. And for an uncharacteristically long time. Two hours or more as I walk around the cold city, stopping for coffee every time I can find a good cup which isn't nearly often enough.

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