December 11, 2005

Where's All The Video Game Baby Gear?

Seriously, there are so many Onesies with heavy metal and "punk" logos on them, but I can't find one single Space Invaders-related baby item, or a Pacman or a Mario or a Grand Theft Auto or Halo or anything.


[update: Good to see. Ryan put a link to a sweet homebrewed Space Invader onesie they made last summer before the kid showed up.]


Hmmm... I wonder if "" would get me cease-and-desist orders from three different companies' lawyers?

My husband I are total video game junkies, in fact Clara was born the very day we finalized the sale of our "buy virtual video game money here" website ;) I have looked everywhere, and the best I have found are a few (Space Invaders and Donkey Kong, but neither super fabulous) at however at least the one we got ran small and had a small neckhole instead of the easier folded shoulder one pictured.

[Hmm. They ask "Remember this game?" about Space Invaders?? These shirts are clearly for poseurs, or for someone who just wants "80's stuff" for their kids for no other reason than because it's from the 80's.

I could go for some Space Invaders wall art. But Greg, with all your handmade Christmas gift talk, why not print your own onesies? 8-bit graphics can't be that difficult.

[exactly. It was Blik that got me thinking about it. (Although I've had dreams of doing a Space Invaders tile bathroom for a while now...) If someone were to find clean iron on-able graphics to link to, I'd be first in line, but I can also see the appeal of just buying some, too. -ed.]

we have a gocco, so we made these in august:

[holy moley, I thought gocco was some minnesota slang for "baby." Like "bub" in Australia. Of course, it turns out to be some tricked out home color printing contraption from Japan. Who knew? -ed.]

I picked up a divine pair of Pacman pyjamas in Boots (UK drugstore). I couldn't get any for Finlay to wear now (6mo) but the sizing started at 2yrs so I got some for then. I can't wait for him to wear them - retro boy :D They were in the sale a month ago, so not sure on the availability now. I will try and dig them out for a photo...

we had the kid and she finally fits into the clothes i refered to

[congratulations on all fronts! -ed.]

Courtesy of Soul Bubba - a New Zealand babywear label:
Better yet, it's T-shirts come in LP-style packaging.

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