December 9, 2005

Why Does A Female Monkey "Fancy A Cooking Pot"?

Just in time for Christmas, a new study reveals that baby vervets [yeah, I didn't know either, and I go to the zoo a dozen times a week. It's a monkey.] prefer gender coded toys "Just like most human boys and girls." The male monkeys played with cars, while the female monkeys played with dolls and "fancied cooking pots," revealing a remarkable genetic component to what, exactly?

Never mind how the researchers decided what was a "girl toy" and a "boy toy" [dolls are "obviously" girls; no word on "action figures," though. To clear up any confusion, they used a pink pot.] or how they interpret the results; what's great is the cognitive dissonance that comes from reporting that traditional gender roles are the result of evolution. Keep a close eye on the throbbing temples of your local school board creationist, because their head's about to explode.

Toy choice among boys, girls a matter of monkey business [eureka via robotwisdom]

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That totally explains why monkey daddies traditionally drive the cars and monkey mommies stay in the tree-kitchen making stew.

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