December 6, 2005

Today Only: 7th Gen 50% Off At

While doesn't provide the visceral satisfaction of trampling old people on a budget underfoot or of wresting the last pack of newborn diapers from the bleary-eyed father of triplets, you gotta give them credit for trying to spark a good old-fashioned bargain stampede.

Today (Tuesday) only, they're offering 50% off any Seventh Generation products--including diapers and wipes--if you buy more than $50 worth. (I'm pretty sure that's $50 before the 50% off, btw.)

Here's there Seventh Generation storefront
[ via dt reader/secret shopper stephanie]

[Hm. For example, two cases of Stage 2 diapers ($49.99/ea.) +$5.99 shipping = $55.99 at, vs. $79.98 (2x$39.99) +free shipping at Amazon.]

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this is great thanks! baby is due in february.

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