December 6, 2005

The Cocoa Bar, 228 7th Ave, Park Slope - NO

Apparently the bathroom's out of order altogether, and so a blogger circled the wagons while his sister changed her kid's diaper on the chair.

Naturally, chaos ensued, at least online.

POSTCARD FROM THE SLOPE_DIAPERING DUCKY [OTBKB via Curbed, whose commenters are on the hunt for Slope babies to throw into the coffee grinder]


While not a coffee shop, still sort of appropriate: Just as we sat down on our flight from Heathrow to Dublin, Doodman filled his drawers. We made a snap decision to change it right there and change it fast. We were surrounded by the Gaelic Athletic Association football team, who ribbed us the whole way:
Wot da hells zat?
Jayze hes a helty one!
What do you think he had, Jackie?
A bloody curry! Thats wot!
It was a short, laughter filled flight. Sorry she wasnt surrounded by Irish footballers, they are apparently a lot nicer than Park Slope folk.

[clearly, you've been to the Co-op, then. -ed.]

Oh Mi God. Those flamers over at Brooklyn Baby are the meanest! Next time in in that 'hood, I'll round up an entire Irish Rugby team, feed them vats of curry, and take them in there to blow some major farts.

Better to change and pitch than to have everyone enjoying the odeur d'baby over their latte. Maybe all their parents pubicly changed their poopy asses, and they're still scarred over it.

Hmmm...I don't know...personally it didn't bother me pre-kids about crappy diapers, but I think I have to side with the barista on this one. It can be pretty gross if you haven't already been inured by the 50 millionth change.

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