December 5, 2005

What's On YOUR Christmas/Holiday List?

Yes, I've been working on a holiday gift list for the site; it's not quite ready yet, but I'll have it up in a day or so, I hope. In the mean time, I'd love to hear--and several wives and girlfriends who've emailed me would, too, apparently--what's on the top of your wish list?

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Festivus, Kwanzaa, Atheist Consumerist Frenzy Day, or Buy Nothing Day [oops, too late], if you're making a list for yourself, what's on it?


i think a Nikon AF-S Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8D lens ought to fit nicely in my christmas stocking, but at $1,500 i probably shouldn't get my hopes up :-)

okay here's my list:

- anything on my baby registry.
- a brand new president, i'd even accept a used one like clinton or even a vintage carter.
- a pair of paul smith suede gloves.
- oh and i almost forgot, an apple quad g5 tower with a 30" cinema display (please santa! please!)

-Alvar & Aino Aalto book
-Sorel 1964 Premium boots
-3 pair Brooks Brothers boxers

My wife thinks I'm nuts because I go through all the trouble of posting our lists online. I just get sick of fielding inquiries from our parents. Of course, I always need to remind them to communicate with each other so we don't get duplicates. It doesn't always work. There should be a site that makes this effortless; like an amazon wish list for everything.

- Earplugs - The Boy is teething
- Anyone but Stephen Harper as PM of Canada
- My wife's libido to return to pre-baby levels

Am I asking for too much?

[I don't know. Who's Stephen Harper? -ed.]

BRIX - there is such a site! - it's not the ideal but it is the best I've found. You can either type in your own description of what you want (and be generic if need be - like "black dress socks") or download their toolbar button and click on it when you visit a page that has what you want (it automatically adds a link to that item to your list). Then friends and family visit your list and claim what they want to buy, even if they don't go through the exact store and link you provide (i.e. you can link to an item on Amazon but gives people the option to go to their local bookstore if they prefer). I've used it the last few years with fair to good results (some people never remember to claim the things they choose, and others claim things but change their minds and don't go back to un-claim them - but it is not the site's fault, that just my un-tech savvy in-laws). But with bifurcated families that don't communicate with each other, this is a lot better than designating a list keeper like in the past...

Stephen Harper - Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. I'd consider voting Conservative, but Harper makes my skin crawl.

Oh and Santa. Can you also send me a bucketload of money?

[i was kidding, of course. old joke about Canada being a whole 'nother country and all. But if Canadian conservative administrations are anything like US ones, there should be a payoff gravytrain passing bucketloads of public money to its supporters. just get in line and hope the check clears before they all go to jail. -ed.]

For me - I like Snowdeal III's 17-35mm wideangle zoom. But I also want the Sony HC1 Highdef camcorder.

If I'd have both AND add a M2 Cinema Lens Adapter, I could make really great HD movies! (Probably need Pak's Quad G5 to edit the HDV files...)

A new 15" Intel PowerBook, please Uncle Steve, send one to my wife before you release them to everyone else. Please? Please? I promise I'll never show anyone that American iPod short again...

For me, a Canon Optura 600 camcorder for capturing the little one.

For the little one, here's the list:

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