December 5, 2005

T or A: Dads And The Etymology Of The Touchdown Celebration

smithdiaper.jpgCarolina Panther Steve Smith may have more touchdowns and completions than his fellow receiver, Cincinnati Bengal's Chad Johnson, but Johnson's got the better--or at least the more buzz-worthy--end zone dances. So what's up with that?

After watching "change the baby's diaper," where Smith wiped the underside of the football with his towel after scoring in the Panther's surprise rout of Atlanta yesterday, the child-free, date-free editors of Deadspin came up with a theory:

...Changing the diaper is a funny for emasculated suburban dads, at least until they remember that changing diapers really is a large part of their lives. Chad Johnsonís celebrations? Cheerleaders, and golf. The artistry of touchdown celebrations has been lifted to a point that we can have discussions on their merit based on subtext; Johnson tempts you with what life could be like, while Smith reminds you what it is.
So is this related to the theory that watching sports reminds an out-of-shape couch potato of what it's like to play them?

Why Steve Smith Will Always Be Second [deadspin via dt reader john]

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