December 1, 2005

Goodnight Nothing, Goodnight Bush: Baby Bush Toys

baby_bush_cube.gifA Rubik's Cube-like "twisty thing" that's red on every side. A puzzle with one circular piece ["ages 5 and up."] A "Special Edition" of Goodnight Moon where every page is blank ["Your child's self-esteem will soar as they pretend to read."] These are just a few of the gifts that Baby Bush Toys has made available just in time for the holidays.

"Let's face the truth," says the company's mission statement, "not every child can grow up to be Einstein." And so Baby Bush Toys are for those depressingly average kids who will merely grow up to be President instead.

Baby Bush Toys [, warning: shopping cart doesn't work in Firefox.]

1 Comment

Wow, that's funny...thanks for the laugh.

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