December 1, 2005

For Unto Us A Sean Is Given

Just when you thought the K-Fed family couldn't get any wronger, Britney had to go and dress the kid's nursery up like The Nativity. At first, I worried that little Sean's swaddling clothes weren't flushable gDiapers, but who cares now?

With the Apocalypse coming up fast in the rearview mirror, we all might as well turn the A/C up full blast and drive our Hummers full of used Pampers and dump'em into the nearest wetlands and/or box turtle habitat we can find.

Read about it at bloggingbaby
, then kiss your families, and just lay down and wait for The End to come.

1 Comment

Can they get anymore white trash?

[unfortunately, they don't seem to know the difference between a rhetorical question and a dare. -ed.]

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