December 1, 2005

Blue Tree, Red Bikini

judge_reinhold.jpgThere are so many ledes in Alex Kucynski's NYT shoppertainment story, it's taken me all week to sort them out:

  • the awesome Pennywhistle Toys on Madison Avenue between 91st & 92nd st closed down?? This is apparently only relevant because...
  • Blue Tree, a new gift/toy/clothes/etc. store is bringing "a version of Elizabeth Street for the Carnegie Hill crowd."
  • Overheard in the store: ""Mommy, are you going out again tonight?"
  • This store features insanely THOUGHTFUL gifts for kids, women and even men. [and by THOUGHTFUL I mean, "John Malkovich's clothing line."
  • The one doing the thinking: Phoebe Cates.
  • What Kuczynski dares you not to think about as you enter the store: Judge Reinholt. Here's her opening paragraph, which differs from the actual scene in the movie in ways that no boy who saw it needs reminding of:
    IN 1982 girls would tell you they liked the movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" for the coming-of-age story, for the plot lines about good girls and bad girls and for sweet, self-effacing Judge Reinhold. Boys liked the movie for the scene in which Phoebe Cates emerges from the swimming pool in that puckered red bikini, her taut abdomen flashing with water droplets, her lips glossy, her dark hair as sleek as a porpoise's.
    If you need to be excused for a minute, The Times understands.

    Some Chocolate With Your Diamonds?
    Phoebe+Cates []

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    Greg - you had two choices for a screen grab to use as part of this post... you chose wrong.

    [guess you'll just have to stop by Blue Tree, then. Apparently, Mrs. Cates is known to work the cash register there. -ed.]

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