November 29, 2005

Malkmus: Baby C'mon & Get In This Sling

Rock musician Stephen Malkmus may be a new dad, but that doesn't mean his new single "Baby C'mon," or its cool live-stop-action animated video, has anything to do with his own kid. Of course, depending on how you interpret the first verse, I could be very, very wrong:

With a thousand tiny terrors
No more weekend shares
Make it get away
Baby come on
Oops. looks like a dogpile on the server wiped out someone's bandwidth allocation: "Baby C'mon" by Stephen Malkmus, directed by Lana Kim and Andy Bruntel [ via antville]
Check back at Domino Record Co.'s site, too []
Previously: Malkmus using his not-a-sling

1 Comment

It's Malkmus. The song could be about Judy Garland having tea with a Polish lighthouse keeper for all we'll ever know.

[good point. -ed.]

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