November 29, 2005

Get Me Some Limited Edition Art Wallpaper NOW


Holy Moley. Maxalot has worked with a bunch of leading graphic designers from around the world to develop Exposif, a collection of limited-edition art wallpaper. It's custom-sized and custom-printed to fit your wall dimensions.

And while more than a few designs would freak your newborn child the hell out, there are puh-lenty that'd fit right into today's edgy nurseries. OK, fine, they'd chew up your previous nursery concept and spit it back at you. You can thank me later.

My favorite is from eboy; I've been a fan of their amped up, pixelated 3-D landscapes ever since I learned what a pixel was.

Maxalot Exposif wallpapers are 29,- p/m2 + 325,- [ via sachsreport]

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