November 21, 2005

Things I'm Surprised I'm Thankful For: NY Magazine

1)The Look Book

Sometimes, when my husband works late, Iíll bring the girls over the next day. We do a feeding there in his office. He runs a hedge fund...
Her hands were full, so I doubt she did little air quotes when she said 'feeding.'

The Look Book [nymag]

2) The Theatre
So when you're dealing with infertility and trying to conceive, do you a) write a musical about it? or b) review a musical about it--and offer a bunch of darker-humoured suggestions?

The Reproducers [nymag]


That woman scares me.

Thank you, thank you for linking to this. Based solely on this article, I'm going back to school so I can get a Ph.D. in Philosopy and write my thesis about this quote:

And I work around things well. For example, Iím a vegetarian, but Iíll wear leather because it could be killed for meat. Therefore, Iím being an environmentalist.

I like the writing a secret novel but publishing it anonymously. That way, when it sucks, no one will know that YOU are the model-turned-wanna-be-novelist who penned it.

Isn't that chick on Martha's Apprentice? And how did she get L'il Kim's stomach?

[the same way l'il kim got it: photoshop. -ed.]

I think the last quote is my favorite:

"Do you always dress your daughters so beautifully?
Yes. Today theyíre wearing Bonpoint dresses, shoes from Flora and Henri, and blouses from Barneys. When theyíre sleeping, I plan their outfits for the next day. I constantly see kids dressed casual, and I just feel that if I teach my kids to be casual, then fashion will die. And Iím not going to let that happen on my watch!"

Pardon me while I go find a rusty spoon to jab repeatedly down my throat. Or better yet, down hers -- I'm sure she's got practice on that sort of thing.

[What I want to know is, where was she when Dockers were introduced, because we were all counting on her, and she let us down. -ed.]

Um, er....naw, but...hmmm. As we'd say here, "Blay-uss her heart!" which translates to "What a psycho-bitch-from-hell and let's hope those adorable little girls go to boarding pre-k just to get out of the clutches of their completely shallow, superficial, shrink-wrapped mommy dearest."

[I'm sure their caregivers are quite lovely. -ed.]

Working late probably translates to hiding from crazy wife, and possibly doing co-worker. I hope her pre-nup was good. I'm not even that shallow.

[that is so urbanbaby. -ed.]

Can women be called insufferable pricks? I hope so because I really can't think of a more appropriate term. And what in God's name is she wearing? Are those pants or shorts?

[whoa. not in front of the children, please. And I think they're knickers, or capri pants, with the high boots. -ed.]

Thank you Gawker, for doing the google dirty work for us. Apparently, she is a former stripper/soft core girl (Blay-us her heart!)

[while I'd be the first to rotflmao at someone's Google results turning up BOTH "Breast Men" -also starring David Schwimmer!-- AND, I think they're two different women. Lookbookmom just happens to have a porny name. -ed.]

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