November 20, 2005

Bald & Beautiful [& Belgian & Box-like]


I'm typing this in a beat up Martin Margiela t-shirt, so I definitely love me some Belgian designers, even when they name their company after one of the tackiest, most embarassing TV shows to ever be exported from the United States.

Bald & Beautiful is a new collection of contemporary minimalist baby furniture that includes a foam pool thing, a round wood/foam crib that looks like a Stokke after a Wallpaper* Mag makeover, and this high chair [above], which disappears into a small sidetable when not in use.

The wood and coated foam chair will be offered in white/pink [as shown] and in wood/black and black/black, which might be worth the wait. [And if the chair is counter-balanced in such a way that it doesn't pitch your kid face forward onto your sleekly designed floor, all the better.] BB is just making the trade show circuit now, so store and pricing info is still TBA.

Conclusion: promising designs, wacked out name. My tolerance isn't infinite, so if you're a young Belgian thinking of calling your startup Babywatch, please make sure I never find out about it.

Bald & Beautiful [, via dt reader and uber-scout Jan]
WTF?? It's on in the US, too?? []

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